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How to install and use Olive Browser?
Posted by user doma on 26 September 2013 11:35 AM

After downloading and launching the executable file of Olive Browser you will see a window of DomaIQ Install Manager, which will guide you through the process of installation of Olive Browser and of some additional offers.


If you want to install only Olive Browser, without any additional software offered during the installation process, then follow the steps described below.



To skip a particular offer, just click at "Decline" button or switch the radio button to "Custom installation (expert)" and uncheck the undesired options.

After that click "Next" button. Repeat this step for each offer that you don't want to install.



To skip all the offers at once, just press "Skip All" button.



After passing all the offers the Install Manager of DomaIQ will be minimized to the taskbar and the installation of Olive Browser will continue in the background. When the installation is completed, the Install Manager will notify you about it. To close the window, press "Exit" button.



To launch Olive Browser double-click on its icon on your Desktop or press "Start" button and select Olive from the list of installed programs.

Olive browser has all the standard functions and buttons of any browser:



In order to open a new tab page just click at "+" button next to the currently opened tab. To close the tab click at "x" button next to its title:



To view the list of all the opened tabs and switch to any of them quickly just press arrow button in the top right corner of the browser:



To save the opened webpage as a Favourite, press star button and then press arrow button to the left of "Folders" in order to create a new Bookmark Folder:



In the expanded area  type in the title of a new folder, then press "Add" button and close the window by clicking at "Finish" button.



To open a quick access panel for a particular folder of bookmarks click at "Markers" and select the desired Bookmark Folder:



To adjust the settings of Olive Browser click at settings button next to the Search Box and select "Configuration".



In the first section you can set or unset Olive as your default browser

The second block allows you to change different privacy settings, including such options as "Delete Cache" and "Delete Cookies".

In the third section you can change the default language of the browser interface to one of the 35 available languages. 



The "Favorites" tab of the Configuration panel allows you to view and select any of the previously saved bookmarks:



In "History" tab of the Configuration panel you can delete browsing data by selecting the desired period and clicking at "Apply clear" button.

Before that you can view the history of visited websites for a chosen period:





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